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    Kathy Haynie

    I’ve recently readApproaches to Studying the Enacted Mathematics Curriculum [ASEMC] and wondered how a similar collection of research on CS implementations and measures might be built over time. In ASEMC, measures of enacted curriculum vary: (1) measures of specific instantiations of a certain curriculum, (2) measures of a specific curriculum or curricular framework using a common frame, and (3) tools designed for general use with any set of curriculum materials.

    I’m extremely curious to know the “bird’s eye view” of which types of measures currently exist in CS education, for which curricula, and to what degree of validation and use. I’m aware of some, such as Century’s framework applied to Exploring Computer Science, and eager to identify where our biggest needs are for CS implementation measures, as a field.

    Is anyone aware of such a bird’s eye view? What are your thoughts about the greatest areas of needs for CS implementation measures?


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